Babysitter in London
Babysitter in London East
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Nanny in London
Nanny in London East
Nanny in London North
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Nanny in Aberdeen
Nanny in Bath
Nanny in Belfast
Nanny in Birmingham
Nanny in Bournemouth
Nanny in Bradford
Nanny in Brighton
Nanny in Bristol
Nanny in Cambridge
Nanny in Cardiff
Nanny in Chester
Nanny in Derby
Nanny in Dundee
Nanny in Edinburgh
Nanny in Essex
Nanny in Exeter
Nanny in Glasgow
Nanny in Gloucestershire
Nanny in Hertfordshire
Nanny in Hull
Nanny in Ipswich
Nanny in Kent
Nanny in Lancashire
Nanny in Leeds
Nanny in Leicester
Nanny in Lincolnshire
Nanny in Liverpool
Nanny in Manchester
Nanny in Newcastle
Nanny in Northampton
Nanny in Norwich
Nanny in Nottingham
Nanny in Oxford
Nanny in Peterborough
Nanny in Plymouth
Nanny in Portsmouth
Nanny in Reading
Nanny in Sheffield
Nanny in Southampton
Nanny in Stoke-on-Trent
Nanny in Surrey
Nanny in Swansea
Nanny in Teesside
Nanny in Wiltshire
Nanny in Wolves
Nanny in Worcestershire
Nanny in York

Babysitters avaible:

Diane D
babysitter in LONDON
Age: 34
Type of care: babysitter  
Price per hour: £6
Description: I am a fun loving person who has a passion to work with children and understands the importance that comes with it. I am currently working as a teacher. I would be available to work evenings and week see more
Elizabeth E
babysitter in LONDON
Age: 23
Type of care: babysitter  
Price per hour: £6
Description: I adore younger children. I am easygoing and very sociable as well as interacting well with children. I have had experience looking after children. I have a younger brother who is currently 6 years ol see more
Deby D
babysitter in LONDON
Age: 17
Type of care: babysitter  
Price per hour: £6
Description: I am a creative and responsible with a lot of patience babysitter. Im available a whole day. Feel free to contact me if you require emergency or holiday childcare cover. I looking forward to hear fro see more
Zahra Z
nanny in LONDON
Age: 36
Type of care: nanny  
Price per hour: £0
Description: I am currently in full time employment, but Im looking to earn some extra money in the evenings after work and weekends. I have had long of babysitting experience, as it was a regular job I had during see more
Michelle M
babysitter in LONDON
Age: 32
Type of care: babysitter  
Price per hour: £9
Description: Hi. I am working 3 days a week as nanny and the other 2 in a nursery. So if you need someone reliable to look after when are having some time out or just to relax, dont hesitate to contact me. Im a v see more
Bernadette B
babysitter in LONDON
Age: 48
Type of care: babysitter  
Price per hour: £5
Description: Im happy and responsible person. I do not like manipulations, deceptions and egocentrism. I also believe in Jesus and the faith is important for me. see more
Stephanie Ann S A
babysitter in LONDON
Age: 19
Type of care: babysitter  
Price per hour: £5
Description: I am a friendly, happy, active person. I love children. I am available now see more
Ann A
nanny in LONDON
Age: 42
Type of care: nanny  
Price per hour: £8
Description: Im a young, fun, experienced nanny currently looking for a new family. I have around 8 years experience. I love children and everyone always tells me I am a natural with them. I am full of energy and see more
Petula P
babysitter in LONDON
Age: 30
Type of care: babysitter  
Price per hour: £6
Description: I am a caring, loving and patient person. I have always loved children and wanted to be doing a job that involves me doing something that is not only rewarding but also something that I have a true p see more

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