Babysitter in London
Babysitter in London East
Babysitter in London North
Babysitter in London South
Babysitter in London West
Nanny in London
Nanny in London East
Nanny in London North
Nanny in London South
Nanny in London West
Babysitter in Aberdeen
Babysitter in Bath
Babysitter in Belfast
Babysitter in Birmingham
Babysitter in Bournemouth
Babysitter in Bradford
Babysitter in Brighton
Babysitter in Bristol
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Babysitter in Chester
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Babysitter in Surrey
Babysitter in Swansea
Babysitter in Teesside
Babysitter in Wiltshire
Babysitter in Wolves
Babysitter in Worcestershire
Babysitter in York

Nanny in Aberdeen
Nanny in Bath
Nanny in Belfast
Nanny in Birmingham
Nanny in Bournemouth
Nanny in Bradford
Nanny in Brighton
Nanny in Bristol
Nanny in Cambridge
Nanny in Cardiff
Nanny in Chester
Nanny in Derby
Nanny in Dundee
Nanny in Edinburgh
Nanny in Essex
Nanny in Exeter
Nanny in Glasgow
Nanny in Gloucestershire
Nanny in Hertfordshire
Nanny in Hull
Nanny in Ipswich
Nanny in Kent
Nanny in Lancashire
Nanny in Leeds
Nanny in Leicester
Nanny in Lincolnshire
Nanny in Liverpool
Nanny in Manchester
Nanny in Newcastle
Nanny in Northampton
Nanny in Norwich
Nanny in Nottingham
Nanny in Oxford
Nanny in Peterborough
Nanny in Plymouth
Nanny in Portsmouth
Nanny in Reading
Nanny in Sheffield
Nanny in Southampton
Nanny in Stoke-on-Trent
Nanny in Surrey
Nanny in Swansea
Nanny in Teesside
Nanny in Wiltshire
Nanny in Wolves
Nanny in Worcestershire
Nanny in York

Babysitters avaible:

Rhonda R
babysitter in OXFORD
Age: 20
Type of care: babysitter  
Price per hour: £6
Description: I am a 20 years old children loving person who enjoys looking after kids and spending valueable time with them. I have been working as an au pair in the past when i was looking after two kids aged 2 a see more
Loraine L
babysitter in OXFORD
Age: 19
Type of care: babysitter  
Price per hour: £7
Description: Im reliable, enthusiatic and friendly person. I am enjoy playing with children very much. I am available immediately see more
Sarah S
babysitter in OXFORD
Age: 27
Type of care: babysitter  
Price per hour: £6
Description: Im an intelligent, outgoing and smiling person seeking a job as a nanny. I really enjoy working with children as their simple approach to every day life intrigues me and offers me a chance to learn f see more
Michelle M
babysitter in OXFORD
Age: 24
Type of care: babysitter  
Price per hour: £10
Description: Im a qualified teacher looking to keep working with children. Im a creative, fun and responsible person and I have experience working with children from different backgrounds as a school teacher and see more
Irene I
babysitter in OXFORD
Age: 30
Type of care: babysitter  
Price per hour: £5
Description: Hello. I am mother of 5 year old boy. I have experience in babysitting children between the ages of 1-3 years old. My experience is a care in the evening at 3 year old boy and at 1,5 year girl. In my see more
Louise L C
babysitter in OXFORD
Age: 21
Type of care: babysitter  
Price per hour: £6
Description: I am young, fun, reliable and active lady. I am playful, tidy, honest, responsible, respectable and kind person. I am non-smoke person. I have a full clear drivers license. I had been work experience see more

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